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Welcome to Expressive Minds!

As a pre-school and tutorial center dedicated to foster your child’s innate curiosity and nurture your child’s uniqueness, Expressive Minds offers a tailor-fit, progressive curriculum to match every child’s varying needs and goals. Programs and teaching styles are tailored as appropriate for each child, just as each child is unique. Expressive Minds also breaks the barriers of traditional classroom learning, striking a balance between academics and enriching activities to encourage interests, broaden minds and cultivate talents. Kids learn and master skills in Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math and Language the fun way.
Your child is inspired, encouraged and challenged to discover and learn new things everyday at Expressive Minds! This allows your child to embark on a fun adventure that spurs interest and stirs curiosity into a new learning or discovery. Given the freedom to explore with first-hand experience learning, your child is at the center of the learning process with a natural eagerness to learn. Expressive Minds makes every lesson fun and every experience count.  
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Young children have an inherent sense of what is interesting in their environment. Experiential learning begins from early childhood years and contributes throughout their lifelong journey. Expressive Minds Early Childhood Center intends to nurture their nascent inquisitive ability and teach them how to apply it to the world around them. Expressive Minds' mission is to provide an individualized preschool curriculum that emphasizes on social and environmental awareness as a nurturing aid for learners. EMECC emphasizes the development of the whole child through active learning situations. We strive for a balanced, nurturing, caring, developmental approach to education for children 1 to 5 years old.


Our program provides freedom for children to have experiential learning through spontaneous play and interaction, where they make discoveries, explore, solve problems and develop critical thinking skills essential for both cognitive and social skills. A progressive approach to learning to match every child’s varying needs and goals. Programs and teaching styles are tailored as appropriate for each child, just as each child is unique. EMECC has developed ways to nurture each child’s learning ability while striking a balance between the progressive and traditional approach. This builds a foundation for children entering the big schools in the country. 




1.5 - 2.11 YEAR OLDS

The children are introduced to the wonder of the world around them through opportunities to explore. The open-ended nature of play with a variety of materials encourages the children to develop the skills they need in order to progress to the next level.

The teacher/student ratio is 2:10.


3 - 3.11 YEAR OLDS

This class encourages the child’s cognitive and social skills. Each active morning provides the students with hands-on learning opportunities and spontaneous social interactions. Experiencing successful outcomes under the guiding hand of the teachers leads toward healthy self-esteem.

The teacher/student ratio is 2:10.


4 - 4.11 YEAR OLDS

This class aims to equip the children with the necessary skills in all areas of development in preparation for more challenging ventures. We nurture their emotional wellbeing as well as academic success by promoting confidence and motivation to learn. 

The teacher/student ratio is 2:10.



This class fosters an atmosphere of cooperative learning. We introduce more challenging activities and provide many opportunities to extend their thinking to predict, reflect and discover. We reinforce the social skills already required and expand the learning skills necessary to successfully transition to the Big Schools in the country.

The teacher/student ratio is 2:10.

A Day in School



Structured Play Time / Open Exploration

Self-direction, choice, imagination, problem solving

We believe that children learn through play. During this time, children choose from a variety of activities, including dramatic play, science and nature, puzzles, play dough, blocks, books, creative art, and other manipulative materials.  It is also during this time that the teacher-in-charge sits down with the child to accomplish one-on-one table top activities. Individual work time caters to the specific needs of the child in terms of addressing specific skill areas such as Language, Math, Writing and other fine motor skills.


Circle Time

Unity, movement, memory, expression

During Circle Time, children gather together to greet each other, check on the attendance and share songs, rhymes, poems. During this time, children are engaged in language opportunities such as talking about the calendar, weather, and / or sharing thoughts and ideas with classmates. It helps in developing attention span, good listening skills and oral communication.Different experiences during this fun time include active and quiet songs, finger-plays and instruments.


Story Time

Listening, attention, language, literacy

Story time is a significant time block where children are exposed to various literary materials. We read and share a variety of stories relating to the theme or letter of the day. This helps build vocabulary and enhance students’ thinking skills through simple comprehension drills.


Activity Time

Sharing, following directions, fine motor skills

Theme Activity Time is an individual or small group activity that supports the present theme and topics. A daily art project linked to a theme or letter of the day allows children to mature in following directions, fine motor skills and creative expression.


Snack Time

Socialization, self-help, responsibility, nutrition, manners

As children enjoy snacks that were sent from home, they practice table manners, how eat independently, use the dining utensils appropriately while developing social skills as they communicate with their peers. 


Quiet Book Time

Language, imagination, discovery

Story time is a significant time block where children are exposed to various literary materials. We read and share a variety of stories relating to the theme or letter of the day. This helps build vocabulary and enhance students’ thinking skills through simple comprehension drills.


Music & Movement (kidzNmusik)

Speech development, socialization, gross motor skills

kidzNmusik Philippines is a music-based learning program for children ages 1.5 to 5 years old. kidzNmusik is an educational program that uses a ‘Learning Through Music’ technique for teaching kids different concepts and help hone their love for music and learning. The interactive musical experience will help kids develop their skills in Language, Math, Critical Thinking, and Socio-Emotional. 


Chiqui Cortez

We believed that sending him to school at a very young age would help him increase his exposure to children his age. But in order to achieve that, we need to get him to school where the structure is child-centered and play-based. He’s a very playful boy so we think that his way of expressing his creativity and love for learning is through play. We’re very thankful that Expressive Minds offers both. The low student to teacher ratio also ensured that our son’s emotional and academic needs, in coordination with us, his parents, were properly addressed and closely monitored. So far, his two years in this school transformed Elgin from being a reserved, quiet and not sociable child to a self-confident, sensible and interactive person. It took a while for him to adjust but the journey was well worth it. We are happy with the overall experience, Thanks a lot and more power!

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Perry Dela Cruz

I still remember the very 1st day of classes for my little girl. I was terrified on what might happen. I kept on thinking if she was going to cry or would not let go but it went really well. The teacher talked to each and every one of them, saying hi's and hello's and asking about their morning. My little girl went inside, said 'see you later' to us, and had a great day.

3 years later and my little girl wouldn't stop talking about Expressive Minds, teachers, staff, classmates, and friends. She had so much fun and learned a lot in her 2nd home. She learned not just her A to Z, 1-100, reading and writing, but also how to be a good kid and a friend. Seeing our little girl happy and to develop into such a good student, we knew we made the best decision. We will forever treasure our 3 years with Expressive Minds. Thank you to all teachers and staff.


Nessa Alano

One may say it was love at first sight when she first stepped inside Expressive Minds. 

Before Expressive Minds, we had a hard time having conversations with her. It was alarming on our part since her older brother, who has down syndrome, has an expected speech delay and on top of that, we could see our friend’s kids the same age as Xandrene knew how to read, write and converse really well already. Now, after 2 years in EM, she is unstoppable! She learned all the basics in reading, writing and a whole lot more. Not only did she learn the basics, but she was able to learn what we have hoped and prayed for, that is, to develop her love for knowledge, exude confidence not just in facing new challenges and even something as simple as looking forward in going to school everyday. 






Expressive Minds Early Childhood Center

Katipunan Ave. corner Rajah Matanda St.

Cubao, Quezon City

Phone No.: (02) 8642 2815

Mobile No.: (0917) 706 8466

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